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We are a diverse group of professionals who continually train and practice Mike Bosworth’s Story Seekers methodology. We’re located across the US, in Europe, and in Asia; and are constantly training corporate sales teams how to build emotional connections with buyers.

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Mike Bosworth

North America

Mike Bosworth has been a thought leader within the field of sales and marketing over the last several decades. He is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, story seeker and sales philosopher. 

Mike founded Story Seekers® in January 2013 to begin coaching salespeople and leaders to use the power of storytelling and story tending to connect, to gain trust, and to influence people to do difficult things that need to be done. He is also a best-selling author of several books in selling and markets.

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Julian Cheong


Julian's love of selling comes from the feeling of aliveness when she is out there connecting with another human being and creating new possibilities together.

Having spent 17 years selling in the fast-paced IT industry, she acquired the skills of customer management, complex sales and peer leadership. In 2014, under the mentorship of Michael T. Bosworth, she deepens her commitment to the profession by working with leaders of Sales in designing and coaching experiential learning programs which sales people use to build Trust with their customers.

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Robert Stenberg

North America

Rob teaches communication, storytelling and connective listening to companies and individuals interested in increasing their ability to influence, engage, lead and sell. He has been a Story Seekers Affiliate since 2014.

Rob believes that the quickest way to grow a business is to grow people through personal development, so he works with organizations looking to improve from the inside, by growing their people. He coaches individual business executives, sales professionals and inside organizations that believe you grow by growing your people.


Magdalena Petryniak


She strongly believes that it is people that make change happen when they have a vision of a better way. Her mission to empower them, so they can make the transformation in a professional and sustainable way.

She has completed more than 100 projects for marketing, communication, and sales departments throughout 12 years of running a company in Poland. She is passionate about helping people to build authentic relationships using the power of storytelling and empathetic listening.

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John Kratz

North America

John is an Instructor of Marketing at the Labovitz School of Business & Economics at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

His passion is spring boarding business students from the classroom into successful entry level sales development roles. He helps companies integrate the power of story into their sales playbooks to accelerate time to quota of new sales hires.

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Andy Boyd

North America

Andy hails from Minnesota, holds a BA in Marketing from the University of Minnesota-Duluth and is currently employed by the Minnesota-based, 3M Company, as a Marketing Manager.

For me, Story Seekers™ is a passion and a hobby.  It’s about helping salespeople to navigate a simple framework, to build their stories, share information, in a way that’s been proven to connect with their audience.My success came through sharing authentic stories.  Stories to introduce myself, who I represent and who I’ve helped.  All stories relevant to any prospective buyer, wondering, why should I buy from you?